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Are you suffering from pain, stress or tension? Looking for a way out?

I am Michael Boyd, a registered osteopath working in the Alresford, Four Marks and Alton area. I am also a qualified shiatsu practitioner and zero balancing practitioner, and have trained in McTimoney Chiropractic techniques and therapeutic massage.

This website explains the different techniques I use and the way I work. Each of my treatment approaches has a particular strength, and depending on the problem you come to see me with I will discuss with you the options and what approach I would recommend.

Treatment can help with many common problems experienced in everyday life that affect the muscles, joints and skeleton of the body. Common conditions include: Back, neck and joint pain, sports injuries, age-related aches and pains, overuse injuries from gardening or heavy lifting at home, work-related injuries, whiplash injuries, postural problems, pregnancy-related changes, headaches and migraines, and stress. I have a particular interest in cranial osteopathic techniques, traumatic injury, and the physical effects of psychological trauma.

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I currently practice from Medstead Osteopathic Practice in Four Marks.